There are different services at your disposal according to your needs, delivered by a network of well consolidated professionals.

Coaching sessions are addressed to the professional assigned abroad

Coaching sessions are addressed to the accompanying family

Coaching sessions can be carried out individually or in group as adequate

Intercultural sessions focused on intercultural communication addressed to the professional assigned abroad & accompanying family


Valuable Support

My approach to Coaching for expatriates and accompanying family aims to focus not just on professional matters but on the more personal aspects of the experience, which are inherent to any international transfer for living abroad a long time. 

Beyond the professional factors of expatriation, there are always people matters, which are key. These people will have to manage different variables in their lives that will generate a wide range of emotions and moods very much linked to their specific family circumstances.

They will face :

  • Worries, restlessness, curiosity, stress, doubts, fears

  • Feeling of uprooting

  • Social and familiar change of environment

  • Different language in some occasions

  • Different culture and idiosyncrasy

Focused on bringing to the surface the potential of the individual.

Aimed to a better and smoother integration so he/she can fully perform rapidly.

Addressed to make of the expatriation a positive and constructive experience, which contributes to personal and professional growth and development.


The number of sessions will depend on the specific situation of the expat/spouse/partner.

The sessions will occur with a time interval in order to maximize its impact. Thereby, the expat/spouse/partner have time to be directly exposed to the new environment, the new culture, to interact with the new colleagues and local people, to face professional challenges  and to enter into the day-to-day life in the host country.  

Post-sessions follow-up and support can be added as needed.

What can Coaching do?

Ease decision making on individual priorities.

Raise and manage individual needs, wishes, doubts, concerns, expectations expressed explicitly or not and size them adequately.

Facilitate raising awareness of own resources to handle the expatriation experience constructively and positively.

Facilitate understanding the challenges and implications related to aspects such as personal, cultural, development, business/professional, leadership.

Promote a fluent and pleasant integration in the host country by establishing adaptation strategies, which allow a better professional and social interaction that contribute to raise the satisfaction level.

Speed up the process of feeling comfortable and happy with the new life.

Ensure motivation during the transition phase to socialize easily and enjoy the benefits the changes can bring. 

Channel emotions positively.

Anticipate and prepare for future changes and situations so they are perceived as opportunities and integrated constructively.

Identify professional and social hurdles, even those that the expat/spouse/partner is not aware of.

Support spouse/partner in the non-employee role so they can get a good level of satisfaction that is complementary and reinforcing that of the assigned expat.

Calibrate feasible working options in the host country.

Manage information related to the host country. Enhancing awareness of what they need to know about the new culture and developing self-awareness to observe and to avoid judgement.

Approach relevant aspects emerged when repatriation time comes.


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