"I have managed the Expatriation area in companies that moved thousands of expats worldwide, which has given me solid expertise in this matter"


My name is Mónica Martínez; I am a Human Resources professional with more than 18 years experience that focuses on guiding and contributing to the professional development and growth of people. 

I myself have been an expatriate in Latin America for almost four years. During this time, I observed how much there is to do on this subject. Raising awareness of the importance that the accompanying family has on the Expatriation equation is crucial for the success of the assignment.

My vocation has always been linked to interpersonal and intercultural relationships. My career has taken place in an international environment. I have personally benefited from the constant contact and exposure to people from different cultures, with their different ways of approaching life and work, which has allowed me to develop great intercultural awareness and sensitivity.

I have received training on Coaching & Consulting throughout my career through various Human Resources positions. I am convinced of the impact of the well-known HRD approach 70/20/10, learning through experience and exposure.

This cocktail of experiences has given me a broad vision and deep understanding of what diversity and inclusion means in practical terms. 

All this allows me to put at your disposal a valuable expertise for the expatriate and accompanying family that doubtlessly can contribute to make of the international assignment a positive, constructive and enriching life experience.