A fabulous investment for enhancing expertise within your company

You are deciding to offer international assignments to your employees. 
This is a great way to manage and develop your internal talent.
Giving them the opportunity of interesting professional challenges abroad opens the door for development and career building.

As long as it is properly managed:


The misvalue of the assets that the repatriated brings back to the home country translates into increasingly high levels of turnover.

38% during the first year
50% during the second year

The most common reason for failure of international assignments is the dissatisfaction of the partner in the day-to-day life abroad.

Up to 61%

In a large number of occasions, the repatriated ends up working for the competitor, which is an enormous loss not only in economic terms, but also in terms of abilities, competences and experience of great value that are difficult to recover.



Coaching is also for the family, which is as protagonist as the working expat

Currently, many professionals are living this situation since the market reality imposes in a global world and a large number of companies are looking at new horizons.  

For instance, the Latin American or Asian markets, among other, are expanding and many companies have its business scope pointing at them. Many professionals receive offers for international assignments to work abroad long periods.


Investing in people's growth is key in this global world 

The potential expat focus primarily in the professional side of the opportunity: position content, promotion possibilities, professional challenge, cost effectiveness of the package, etc. 

Nevertheless, the expatriation, which definitely is a great opportunity for professional development and growth, it is so personally. It is a fantastic chance for self-development if the personal and professional sides of the adventure match properly. 


Why is Coaching advantageous for the company?

Return of investment happens.

Satisfaction of the accompanying family, which increases the chances of success of international assignments.

Talent is managed successfully. Employees develop global competencies and reinforce interpersonal and other abilities, which benefit the company.

Taking advantage of the acquired experience and abilities of the expat when returning:

  • Competence transfer to local colleagues

  • Can be given new international assignments

  • Positions of higher responsibility/exposure/influence…

  • Managing intercultural projects/teams

Lower turnover when expats return to home country.

To be successful, companies and expats must look at expatriation as a family project.

In this life project, it is obvious that the family plays a crucial role, especially when accompanying during the expatriation.
The spouse/partner and children are decisive so that the assignment translates into powerful development and growth, beneficial for all participants. The family’s commitment, eagerness to live the experience of expatriation, involvement in understanding the implications that it will have in their lives, must be taken into consideration at all times when deciding about it.


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